is a community that helps put a new light on the geeks in the society. It aims to put forward the positive influences they could give to the society. This is definitely a non-profit community. As such, we rely only on volunteerism and donations from our friends and supporters.

We also sell products as a means of fund-raising for our administration and operation cost. Such products include our geek plushy dolls, shirts, caps, mugs, and other gift items.

For our geek plushy dolls, we sell them via pre-order. We make them to look like your favorite characters in movies, books, or comics. Our best seller so far is the Harry Potter plushy doll collectibles where in there are 20 characters to choose from including Harry Potter himself, Ron, Hermione, Dobi, and Dumbledore.

Recently, some of our members here have also tried selling their art to be able to add to the donation that goes back to the community. All that are posted in this page are product of long hours of labor and hardwork. Hand paintings, portraits made from toys, statuettes, carvings – all of this are available here for auction.

Usually we set a 14-day deadline for those who are going to join the bidding process. However, depending on the situation, we can choose to prematurely end it or delay it. Please be informed that when such things happen, we inform everyone especially the bidders of the change in the situation. And we don’t announce it over night. We give them a chance to make a final bid 3 days before we officially close the auction. also accepts offer for ad placements. Have any advertisements you want to gather attention? Then we are definitely the place where it could be noticed. We have created a significant traffic with our site that would surely boost the popularity of your ad. Contact us today to know more.

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