Geek. Nerd. Dork. Weirdo. Freak.

Geek buddies

Welcome Geek buddies! This is our time to shine. Let us show the world what we are made of, and how lacking the world would be without us.

Geek. Nerd. Dork. Weirdo. Freak.

Many words, same meaning – somebody that is not normal and mainstream. Admit it. One way or another, we have somehow been addressed using the titles listed above. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes we just learn to live with it. But one thing is true, we are treated as somebody that is not normal in the perception of the society.

Geek is the word often used if you’re an expert on something. Usually if you have an above average skills in math and excels in science laboratory experiments, you are called a geek. If you are fond of collecting action figures, comics, bottle caps, and cards in that garage door you have in Madison, WI, you are called a geek. If you love playing rubix cube and have a habit of picking it up whenever you are bored, you are branded a geek. If you are wearing clothes that seem to fit your grandfathers better, then you are considered a geek. Just by wearing thick glasses that would aid in your everyday work would make you a geek to many.

Many may disagree with the above definition. Some may say that the above-mentioned is not always the case. That what we listed above may fit any person that are not “geeky”, and sometimes “being a geek” is a lifestyle or a default personality. You may be right, but either way, you know what we are talking about.

Honestly, geek is an umbrella term that encompasses many definitions. One thing however that is often taken for granted is that, with all the misgivings some people have among nerds, they are one great source of information. They have cool habits that may be amusing to some, but proves to be important and valuable to overtime.

Want to know a walkthrough to that game you are not able to finish for months now? Need some up-to-date information on how to secretly hack you smartphones and tablets? How about what would happen next to your favorite Manga or Marvel heroes?

You’ll find all that and more only here at the ultimate geek hangout place –

Get up close and personal with your geek friends as well. Learn more about them and get to know their interests. Are you really that different? You be the judge. You may be surprised at how similar you are to them.

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